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Spend your Dream Vacation on a 23 Meter 
San Lorenzo Yacht 

 Relax in comfort and enjoy your Dream Holidays 

Day boat trips

Week trip 

3-5  Days trip

Welcome on board of
23 Meters San Lorenzo


Spacious and luxurious yacht ideal for
families, friends, couples who want have 
memorable and relaxing time.


 9 Berths

Up to 25 guests

4 Cabins

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Comfortable Rooms

Visit amazing Greece

Historical places

Visit Greece Histrorical Monuments

Multiple Islands

More than 6000 beautiful beaches


Explore underwater beauty of Greece

Explore hidden jems

Visit unique caves

Try yacht fishing

Memorable and must-have experience

Relax on a beautiful yacht

Enjoy unforgettable adventure


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Greek Islands-are unique phenomenom in Europe.

An impression of paradise in the Mediterranean Sea, the Greek Islands beckon visitors with sun-kissed scenery and a balmy Mediterranean climate.


Dive the multitude of historic shipwrecks

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Try the new underwater towable board


Premium electric surfboard

 Glide acroos the water 
at upto 25 mph

Daily Cruise

Balos is surely the most photographed beach in Crete, a very favourite subject of all tourist guides for Greece. It is not a coincidence that Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited Balos with their private yacht.
 The famous lagoon of Balos is located approxiamtely 56 km northwest of Chania

Our trip starts in the morning at 7:30 with a breakfast and First stop for a swim at Sitan Liman, after we continue our trip to Balos and then to Gramvousa until
1pm. After we will proceed to
Chania , where we will stop for a diner and continue our trip to Rhethymno.



 Diving equipment, snorkeling
eqipment available on board



Your Dream Holiday in Corfu

7 Days trip to Corfu

                  Sitting in the heart of the Ionian Sea, Corfu is one of the most connected to the historic Greek islands. Strongly                        influenced by the Venetians, the French and the English, Corfu Greece has a cosmopolitan, multicultural charm.


Exploring Corfu Town, the capital of the island, you’ll see the glorious past of Corfu on imposing palaces, noble mansions, beautiful museums, and charming squares. Moving away from Corfu Town, you’ll discover picturesque seaside villages, tiny verdant islets, luxurious Corfu resorts, and wild natural landscapes. It’s amazing how the different sides of this idyllic island coexist in harmony!

As for Corfu beaches, they are one of their kind! Nestled in sandy coves, surrounded by green forests and mountains, they are some of the best beaches in Greece!